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Many major issues will face the United States, and, the world in general over the next several decades. One issue will be how to manage the rising need for energy with the rising impact on climate.

Living on planet earth we are surrounded by greenhouse gases and naturally trapped heat. Imagine the trapped heat in a parked car on a summer day. 10 of the 11 warmest years on record have occurred since the year 2000! Warmer climate isn’t just a rise in temperature but also the fact that warmer air holds more water vapor which leads to heavier snow, wetter rain, heavier rainfall in some areas, and less rainfall in others.

The other side of the equation is the demand for energy. As affluence increases, energy use per capita grows. A simple illustration to consider is our increased use of televisions, cars, kitchen appliances, and computers. Coal, oil, and natural gas burned for energy releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, adding to global warming.

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