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Can I Google Your Wikipedia With My Palm

If a man asked a woman in 1986, “Can I Google your Wikipedia with my Palm?” chances are he wouldn’t have enjoyed the response. Now, she’d probably whip out her sleek smart phone and touch it to his for a quick information swap.

Our ability to share information has drastically changed the way business is conducted. In the early ‘90s a businessman would ask, “Do you have a fax machine?” By the mid ‘90s he was asking, “What’s your fax number?”

In 1994, I gave a speech to over 100 Rotary members and asked how many of them had e-mail. Only five or six hands went up. The question today isn’t, “Do you have e-mail?” It is, “What’s your e-mail?” The evolution of information exchange exploded to a new level with the internet and the ability to work with anyone around the world in a split second.

Technology, such as the internet and computer sciences, not only created a new sense of business hours and office locations, it also increased manufacturing productivity. From 1967 to 2007, the United States manufacturing output tripled. Yet, there are significantly less people working manufacturing jobs. Is this because they’ve gone overseas? No. In 1967, there were nearly 18 million people in the United States employed in manufacturing. By 2007, the number had dropped to 13.9. The increase in productivity means for every $1.00 a worker produced in 1967, they now produce $3.86.

What does this fast paced evolution mean for our economy today? It gives a distinct advantage to small companies because they have ability to begin and grow rapidly. Large companies require an immense amount of time to change. Today, several small companies, such as Emily Kane’s Milkmakers (a cookie company for lactating mothers), are launched solely online. Curious how this small company opened quickly and filled its cookie jars to the brim?

Then, perhaps you’ll want to Google these tasty delights with your Palm. Check out their Oatmeal Raisin. They were wonderful and no, they don’t make men lactate like women.


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