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Energy, Money, and the Markets

Turn off the lights! They’re costing you money. The soft white, incandescent bulbs burning away on your desk are eating away at your pocket book.

It’s been predicted, by 2050 the world will need to generate twice as much energy as it does currently. What does this mean for you? Opportunity – to save money and invest wisely.

Money Saving Opportunities
As a business owner operating in a large space such as a warehouse, reducing your energy usage can cut annual costs significantly. Additionally, most energy companies offer rebates as large as 70 percent on energy efficient upgrades.

Investment Potential
The International Energy Agency estimates by 2050 $45-trillion US dollars will be invested in global energy in order to meet greenhouse gas reduction requirements. Development of new technology means new companies, new, profits, and new investment opportunities.

For additional insight about how energy is affecting the market, I was joined on About Money by Don Nielsen, the CEO of Light Doctor.


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