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High Quality

What do the sockeye salmon of Redfish Lake in Idaho and CFM Consolidated have in common? Survival.

In 2006, only four of this rare species completed the 900-mile trek back to Redfish Lake. Utilizing a MariSource Incubation System, scientists have helped the population grow to over 120 as of last year.

MariSource is one of CFM Consolidated’s three divisions. Despite being hit hard during the Great Recession by both their own declined revenues and a couple of customers filing for Chapter 11, CFM Consolidated had the planning in place to survive.

As with nearly every company at which I have looked following the Great Recession, CFM Consolidated maintained their commitment to providing high quality goods. When outsourcing might have saved money, they kept their manufacturing in the United States. Rather than putting product development on hold, they continued to maintain their cutting edge advantage.


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