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Making the Most of a War of Words

The presidential race has begun. If you have listened to the debates, you know the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) is a hot button issue. The question: Is the health care issue just a political scheme or is there a real problem? I believe health care is a real problem, one that will grow the longer it is unaddressed. I also believe this crisis is becoming a war of words where facts are forsaken in the pursuit of a successful election.

For both Republicans and Democrats, discussing health care is about winning a debate. Inflammatory words are used. There is talk of a government takeover of our medical system. Threats of socialized and cookbook medicine are dangled in front of the public like a nightmare on the horizon. You hear how Obama Care will add jobs and destroy them. How it will increase and decrease the United States deficit.

No matter what is said in the press, the issue remains the same. Health care is nearly 20 percent of the United States Gross Domestic Product (GDP). As the largest piece of GDP, it continues to grow at nearly six percent a year causing the staggeringly high cost of health care to keep climbing.

While I would like to see a proposed solution based on facts, I’m hard pressed to believe the government will ask for my opinion. Nor are they likely to ask yours. What then are we left to do?

For me, I want to benefit the most I can from the current situation. This means investing in the public securities of cutting edge health care companies which have a clear cost-benefit.


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