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Surf Fosters Disruptive Technology

Disruptive technology. It’s one of those buzz terms thrown around constantly. If you have listened to my show, About Money, or read other posts on my blog, you’ve definitely heard the term. Get ready to hear more about it.

Why? Because it’s important. Because as a smart investor you need to be aware of what disruptive technology is and how it affects business. Because disruptive technology means buying stocks and sticking them in a drawer is not a reliable investment option. Change is happening too fast.

What is disruptive technology? It’s when a new product or service displaces the status quo and creates a new market and value network.

“Innovative” is commonly thrown into the disruptive technology conversation. Nearly every company, from the big mega-corporations to the small one-stop shops, claims to be “innovative.” In my opinion, “innovative” is an over used term. But, it’s understandable. All companies want to be on the cutting edge. With the accelerated pace of technological evolution right now, if you have an idea and you don’t move fast, you’ll miss your opportunity.

Recently, I was joined on About Money by Seaton Gras, founder of SURF, and Neil Bergquist, director of SURF. SURF stands for Start Up Really Fast. Typically, I bring heads of companies on About Money. SURF is a little different. It’s an incubator – a community of inspired individuals who feed and foster one another’s growth. Offering co-working space in downtown Seattle, SURF helps entrepreneurs develop their disruptive ideas into successful businesses.


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