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Thankful for Local Businesses

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m getting ready to spend time with loved ones, dig in to a big turkey, and celebrate all the things for which I’m thankful. For what are you thankful this season? One of the things I am thankful for is the fabulous local businesses that make Seattle’s economy thrive. Take, for example, Von Piglet. They’ve been open for 10 years and produce everything from short feature films to corporate productions. Normally when I think movies, I think Hollywood. But Von Piglet recently finished a new holiday movie, Ira Finkelstein’s Christmas.

Ira Finkelstein’s Christmas is about a little Jewish boy who is obsessed with Christmas. His dreams are filled with reindeer, sleigh rides, and snow. Determined to get the Christmas of his dreams, Ira swaps places with another 11-year-old on his way to Christmastown, Washington. But Ira gets more than he bargained for when he experiences his first “White Christmas.

Doesn’t it sound like a fantastic movie? And it was all shot in state! They shot film at Alki beach in West Seattle, a little bit at Green Lake, and some in Tacoma.

Von Piglet isn’t trying to sell Ira Finkelstein’s Christmas this season. They plan to release it next year and are currently in the process of selling it domestically and internationally. For the second time Sue Corcoran, CEO, Director, and Creative Director of Von Piglet, joined me “On The Money.” What a pleasure it was to have her on the air. It was exciting to hear about her goals for the movie. Sue said, “We want to get enough eyeballs to see it, so we can get what we call an ‘Evergreen Product’ – something timeless that everyone will want to buy and watch year after year.”

Isn’t it amazing all the fabulous local businesses we have?


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