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What Do You Control?

Negotiations on the debt ceiling have come to a close. The average guy or gal’s views of how each party handled their side vary wildly. However, regardless of your stance on how the debt ceiling should be handled, chances are you have no input. Most likely, the politicians in Washington aren’t calling you for advice. Does this mean you have no affect on today’s economy? No.

By concentrating on what is in your control, you can affect change. You control your financial portfolio, advisors, and spending habits. When your choices reflect what you support, you utilize your influence on the economy. For instance, do you support an increase in local jobs?

Small companies are making a significant difference in today’s economy by creating new jobs. Using their services helps these businesses grow and the local job market continue improving. In the Seattle area, there are numerous, thriving small companies created by innovative people. Many are in the technological field. One such company is Doxo, the every day mans digital filing cabinet.

CEO and President of Doxo, Steve Shivers, returned to On The Money last Friday, August 5. He explained how their digital filing services for bills and bill payments allow consumers to store all of their financial documents on the web. Doxo not only helps you organize your bills and receipts, it gives you added payment flexibility and increases local jobs. Also, this tree friendly option is ideal for the environmentally conscious Seattleite.


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