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Who Is an Adams Financial Concepts Client?

I believe an Adams Financial Concepts’ client is someone who wants success. What does success mean for my clients? It means wealth. My clients want to win and beat the market. Regardless of whether they own their own businesses, have grown through a company, or inherited their wealth, they aren’t the average performer. They want their investments to do more than perform at market value.

Charles Ellis wrote a book called Winning the Loser’s Game in which the premise is 85 to 90 percent of money managers underperform the market over the long-term. Thus, he concludes clients need to lower their expectations and recognize they’ll have less than market returns. I couldn’t disagree more.

My clients want to outperform the market and they have. Yes, there may be drop years, like 2011 when we’ll underperform by one or two percent. But in the last three years, my clients have out preformed the market at an average of 10 percent. That’s including this year’s drop.

Who is an Adams Financial Concepts’ client? A man who wants to accumulate wealth. A woman who believes success is performing above average. A person who wants to win.

At the end of every year, I believe it is important to evaluate your performance and consider your goals for the coming 12 months. As you sit down with your financial planner, consider what kind of client you are. Ask yourself, what do I want? Do I want success?


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