Our Mission

To build and maintain wealth for our clients with superior performance (given returns and commensurate with risks). Click here to see how we’ve done it for 16 years (Past results are not a guarantee of future returns).


We get paid more only when your portfolio increases in value. Our wealth management fees are based on the total assets in your account.


We strive to make each investment portfolio as unique as you are, and we create them to meet your objectives. While many of the same securities may show up in our clients’ portfolios, the amounts and concentrations in each position vary to meet your performance and risk objectives.

Client Interest

We work in the best interest of our clients in a fiduciary capacity. What does that mean? Well, in plain English, it means we don’t recommend products that compensate us for recommending them*. Our focus is on creating wealth for you. When you succeed, we succeed.

 *Report of the Working Group on Soft Dollar/Commission Recapture, Nov 13, 1997-US Dept of Labor


About Money Radio

Our goal is to stay ahead of what is happening in the US and worldwide economies and industries giving you the investor greater insight so you can be ahead of the curve. The goal is to be proactive rather than reactive.

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If you Google Adams Financial Concepts, you may see a legal form online labeled a "consent order." Understandably, this has caused concern for some of our clients and prospective clients. So, in the interest of full disclosure, here is a short explanation.