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Our mission is to build and maintain wealth for our clients with superior performance (given returns and commensurate with risks).

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Performance Matters

Life is like a roller coaster with ups and downs. We believe that performance gets you to higher highs and cushions the downs. The reason you take the risk of investing in stocks and bonds is to have the security that increased performance brings. We expect there will be turbulence in the market so we want to provide the added cushion that higher performance creates. We believe we do that while minimizing the associated risk. We are expanding our advisory team, drawing from Mike's philosophies and strategies to invest in the next generation of advisors. We’re not only proud of our performance, but also how our returns compare with others in the industry. Check out our real performance.


$500,000 invested at a 5% return for 25 years will result in $1,583,177.


That same $500,000 invested at 10% for 25 years will return $5,417,353.


However, if you could manage an exemplary 15% return for 25 years, your investment will return $16,459,476.

I started an account with Mike Adams with an initial investment of $100,000 on December 31, 1990. Since then I have added and withdrawn funds over the years, The total withdrawals have been $9,689,266, and the total gains were $11,419,337 as of the end of the first quarter of 2022. Over the years the value of the account has varied quite a lot. At various points it has been temporarily down between 25% and 60%. Those low points included things like the Dot.Com bust, the deep recession of 2008, and more recently the effects of the Covid pandemic, and the current nervous market. Each of those downturns has always been followed by a very substantial rebounds, and the account has grown steadily. Mike has always taken the long view about managing our investments, and I have been very pleased with the results we have seen over the years.

Ron M.

AFC is required under the SEC Advertising Rule to disclose any compensation paid for a testimonial. There has been no compensation of any sort paid for this testimonial. However over the past 31 years Ron M and his wife have been invited to several Seattle Mariner games and several brunches.

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