The AFC Difference

We work hard to create wealth, that’s our job. But we are passionate about it as well! We want you to be prepared – for retirement, emergencies, and opportunities! Not just to get you to retirement but to achieve your goals and live out your plans.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build and maintain wealth for our clients with superior performance (given returns and commensurate with risks).


We offer two types of accounts: fee-based growth accounts that begin at 2% per annum and the Incentive Fee Program, in which there is no fee, only an 80-20 split of new profits.


Each portfolio is customized to the client’s needs and risk tolerance. Portfolios generally contain between 8-10 stocks each.

Client Interest

AFC is a 3(38) fiduciary, which means that we are obligated to not just to select stocks that are “appropriate” for our clients, but those investments that are in a client’s best interest.

Passion for Creating Wealth

Adams Financial Concepts, LLC has a passion for creating wealth. The Incentive Fee Program offers the opportunity for accredited investors who only want to share profits. There is no assets under management fee or management fee. Adams Financial Concepts only earns money if you do. If the account value goes down, you pay nothing.

Never settle for average.

Steve Jobs