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Future Planning versus Financial Planning

Why Future Planning is Superior to Financial Planning

Future planning and financial planning differ from one another in a few ways. For one, financial planning assumes a static economy, while future planning assumes a more dynamic economy. Second, financial planning does not account for “black swan” events that can’t be predicted, such as the pandemic. It also bases its probability for returns on a Monte Carlo simulation using the bell curve. Future planning rejects the notion that returns occur on a bell curve.

Which Plan Is Best For You?

At AFC we assess the gap between where you are and where you’d like to be. By looking at your circumstances, goals, and risk tolerance, we build a portfolio that suits your needs.

A Better Way to 401k

When done properly, the 401(k) becomes an investment in the company that can increase the bottom line.

Returns matter a lot. It's our capital.

Abigail Johnson, CEO Fidelity Investments