• Mike Adams

    CEO and Principal Portfolio Manager

  • Sara Kraft

    Administrative Manager

  • Pamela Adams

    Client Relations Manager

  • Chris Yand

    Business Development Manager

  • Craig Roth

    Vice President - Investments and Business Development

Michael Adams
Sara Kraft
Pamela Adams
Chris Yand
Craig Roth
Michael Adams


“My passion, and my focus…is creating wealth for all of our clients.”
- Mike Adams, President and Principal Portfolio Manager

Mike Adams is no stranger to long-term investments. Not only has he managed securities portfolios since the last century, he and his wife Pamela have been married over 40 years.
As Mike is fond of saying, “Most financial advisors do not publish their results. We do, and we’re happy to do so!”

He holds a Master’s degree from Carnegie Mellon and a BA from OSU, and is very active in the community, serving on various boards and volunteering his time and expertise to non-profits.

Mike is the host of the weekly radio show “About Money,” which airs in Seattle on KLFE 1590Am, or can be found on our podcast page.

You can read his blogs here.

Sara Kraft


“My job is to do about 20 different jobs.” - Sara Kraft, Administrative Mgr.

Sara joined AFC in September of 2015. She’s a 2014 graduate from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities with a B of A in Medieval History.

Although she’s “officially” AFC’s Administrative Manager, she helps maintain detailed records, assists in client communication, updates online databases, and is the first touch point for 401(k) administrative assistance. She also supports AFC’s online presence (web campaigns, website content, and live-Tweeting during About Money). Sara produces About Money Radio, seeking Seattle’s Business leaders to join us on the show. Basically, if it’s administrative…Sara is on it.

Pamela Adams


“Mike brings the math, and I bring the heart.” - Pamela Adams, Client Services

With her degrees in sociology, French, and psychology, Pamela is the people side of the business. She helps guide clients through account setup, transfers, withdrawals, and no matter what they need, she’s there to listen and turn confusion into clarity. Pamela takes her role very seriously, and treats each client with the highest respect. “Our clients place their trust in us. It’s our job to honor that trust.”

Chris Yand



Chris brings his experience from a fast growing tech company and one of the larger RIA financial services companies. He managed a book of business and developed client relationships. A graduate of Washington State University, Chris will be learning investment portfolio management to supplement the Adams Financial Concepts team. The plan is to focus on delivering superior returns while minimizing risk.

Chris graduated from Washington State University in General Studies with an emphasis in Business, Communication and Psychology.

Craig Roth


Vice President - Investments and Business Development

Craig joined Adams Financial Concepts LLC as Vice President – Investments and Business Development in 2021. Craig brings nearly three decades of experience working as a financial advisor. He has worked with many individuals, their families and companies creating satisfying retirements and future legacies.  Craig previously served for nearly 20 years as a top-level Portfolio Manager. At Adams Financial Concepts, he is transitioning to an investment manager once again from working as a planner.

Craig is deeply committed to clients’ financial well-being, and strives to listen intently to their needs and concerns in order to provide them with just the right help for their unique circumstances.

As a financial advisor, Craig wants to help clients experience the future they imagine. "I have witnessed the devastation that can be inflicted upon a family unprepared for unexpected events and accidents," says Craig. "My own father was thrust into providing for his family as a teen. I grew up learning of the sacrifices and hard work he had to endure for survival's sake. I am driven to help investors avoid pitfalls and be prepared for their family's future."

Craig is grateful to have opportunities to spend time with his family, including hiking with his wife of more than 30 years, Jo, and their furball pooch, a Flat-coat Retriever named, Fozzy The Bear. He also has two sons, Adam and Jonah. Craig enjoys baseball, football, and SUMO wrestling. His favorite authors are Dick, and Twain, and Feynman. He also enjoys playing tennis, skiing some in winter, and the peaceful Zen of gardening in the great state of Washington.